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Ever since I can remember, I have been dedicated to becoming the best version of myself I could be in whatever it was I was passionate about. As a child and young adult that passion had always been sports. I tried anything and everything my parents could let me play. By my junior year of high school I had an offer to graduate a year early in return for a full ride at a DI NCAA university as a goalkeeper. During my time at Southeast Missouri State I earned accolades for the youngest NCAA athlete to play DI, female athlete of the year, defensive player of the year,  first team all conference, new comers team, and broke five school and conference records. After college I moved to California to play Semi Pro soccer. It was there I found a passion for training others as I worked as a goalkeeper coach for various kids travel teams in the area. After completing my first season, I moved back home and joined the United States Army, where I began my dog training endeavors in 2015.

While in the Army, I received extensive training and certifications in K9 care and first aid, basic and advanced obedience, agility course training, gun fire neutralization, detection work, directional and remote collar training, and patrol/protection work. For the past year, I worked as a dog behaviorist at one of the top behavior adjustment training facilities in the state. It is now my goal to offer these same dog training services and more while working under my own unique name and brand.



In some of my most significant moments in life, the words “never give up” always rang through my mind. I grew up playing a numerous amount of sports that required discipline, skill, and critical thinking. In 2017, I was recruited to play NCAA DIII Hockey in Upstate NY. There I got my B.S in Exercise Science and was well on my journey to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Working with clients and teams was extremely rewarding in knowing I was helping those individuals become stronger, more mobile, and setting them up for success to continue their fitness journey. My experiences in the sporting world shaped me into the being I am today. Someone with high integrity, open mindedness, loyalty, and the undying desire to always fight through challenges. 



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My first steps into the dog training world began when I got my first dog during covid. He was a Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian mix (Colorado Mountain Dog). Finnley was a timid dog from the start- he had strong fears with everything that was foreign, but was always trusting when I brought him into uncomfortable situations. As a puppy, he was extremely friendly with people and dogs, and I couldn't wait for him to grow so we could explore the world together confidently. At around 10 months, he began to develop strong fear-based reactivity and began to attack dogs and people over what seemed like nothing at the time. My heart was shattered, how could this sweet dog behave this way? I had thought nurture would prevail over nature. Friends and family encouraged me to rehome this dog before he did any serious damage. It was a lonely and isolating time, but I refused to give up on my dog.  I decided to reach out to a dog trainer who specialized in reactive and aggressive dogs. I left that first session with eyes full of tears and determination. We worked every day, on every walk, and in any situation I could think of and Finn stepped up to the plate every time.  Finn had become a balanced dog after a long year of diligent training: achieving off-leash walking, service dog tasks, confidence in any and all situations; he became all that I had dreamed of and more!  Our journey was unfortunately cut short after his tragic and sudden passing hit hard, but left me with a sense of purpose: to continue on what he had shown me was my passion... Dog Training. 


Here at Command Performance K9, we believe in constantly growing as dog trainers and expanding our dog training knowledge. This is why we can train everything from your beloved family pet to your high-drive working dogs. You shouldn't have to worry about the consequences of taking your dog outside of your home or bringing outsiders in. Our dog training works because we don't only train your dog - we train you. If our job is done correctly, this should be the last time you have to invest in dog training. It's important to us that you understand your dog, and we want to help you get there.

We believe in using a healthy reward schedule paired with effective and clear communication in order to hold your dog accountable. It is imperative that your dog understands there are consequences to inappropriate behaviors and reactions. It's not only for the safety of your dog, but for the safety of others as well.

The tools we utilize include remote collars (mini educator), prong collars(Sprenger), dominant dog collars (REDLINE), muzzles (Baskerville), toys, treats, verbal and physical praise, and a combination of these tools together. While correction based dog training tools are necessary, it is also just as important to implement a healthy reward schedule. Being a well- balanced trainer and handler creates a dog you can not only hold accountable, but who actually wants to work for you too.


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Don Francis

Blocks 1-3 of the Military Working Dog Handler Course Certification

Block 1: Medical Block

Block 2: Patrol Block

Block 3: Detection Block

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Ashley Jones

Top Dog Award

An award given to the best in class for the detection portion of training. 

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PEDD-E Course

Certification of the training procedures and use of an e-collar (electronic collar)/remote collar

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